Remembering Yael ע"ה

Yael Avi-Yonah, OBM,
returned her precious soul to her Maker
on Chet Mar-Cheshvan
(October 24th 2012).
Below are some photos and links
which may illuminate in a small measure
her greatness as an artist
and a very spiritual woman.

כתבה בעברית במקור ראשון

My photo of Yael taken about 9 years ago

Yael in her studio

Yael demonstrating her anaglyphic art at an exhibition in Manhattan

Links to her anaglyphic art




My last photo of Yael with her favorite toy: an angelic bird

In her prolific career as an artist,
Yael made over 650 outstanding portraits
in various mediums,
including her series of oil portraits of
15 great contemporary Israeli authors
(such as Amos Oz, Efraim Kishon,
David Shachar)
which was exhibited
at the Jerusalem International Book Fair
in 1984 and abroad
Selected portraits can be seen at

Her most recent works
(Cosmic Orbs) at



Link to short TV item with her speaking
in YouTube with Hebrew subtitles:

Perhaps her most striking portrait
is one she made of herself as
Queen Esther with her favorite cat
about 30 years ago.


In my opinion her most prophetic painting
is what she called
The Source of Light -The Resurrection.
May its "prophecy" be fulfilled 
quickly and in our times.


oil on canvas  75" x 55" (190 x 140 cm)

Short Biography

Yael Avi-Yonah was born in Jerusalem,
a graduate of Bezalel Academy of Art. 
Her father was
the distinguished
archaeologist and historian, 
Prof Michael Avi-Yonah,
who provided her with the rich background
in art, archeology and bible,
which emanates from her works.
Thousands of her prints and serigraphs on
Jerusalem landscapes and biblical subjects
have been sold throughout the world.
Since 1988 she worked on a series of works
in oil and mixed media on canvas and wood
in a new and original style of anaglyfic art.
Her themes are inspired
by Jewish mysticism and the Kabbalah
and include the Angels of the Divine Chariot ,
the Four Supernal Worlds ,
the New City and Hologramic Energies.
Her works were on display
in the Jewish Museum in London,
as well as galleries in Israel and abroad.
Until her demise, she lived in Jerusalem
with her husband, the artist, Dov Lederberg.

More information at CVYAELAVI-YONAH.html

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