The Four Angels: Michael, Gavriel, Uriel, Raphael


Angel Michael

In the painting the circle symbolizes
the element of water and the "sfira"
or spiritual quality of Chesed - Kindness.
The right hand signifies the right side
configuration of the Lion Angel
in the Divine Chariot.
This is Michael who is in charge
of the hours from dawn until mid-day,
being signified in the painting
by a ray of light piercing through the center.
Half of the dominant spiral form
can be viewed as
a menora or Jewish candelabra.
oil & tempera / airbrush on canvass
mounted on revolving circular base
39 1/2" x 39 1/2"  (100 cm in diameter)

Angel Gavriel

The triangular form of the painting
represents the Element of Fire.

Amongst the Four Angels
of the Divine Chariot,
the Bull on the left side is
associated with Gavriel and
the quality of Gevura or Severity,
which is also connected with
the dominant red color of the painting.
At each apex of the triangle
is a shofar or ram's horn,
which was used in biblical times
as a call to battle
and symbolizes the idea of
the zimzum or contraction.




The ellipsoid shape of the painting
represents the Element of Air.
Its central image is
the visage of the Eagle
in the Divine Chariot
from which bursts
a luminous ball of light.
Hovering above the wings is
a mysterious visage suggesting
the Shechina or Divine Presence.
The canvas is divided into
a dark and light section

symbolizing the harmony and balance
between darkness and light.
The high flying Eagle is associated
with the Angel Uriel
and is in charge of the hours
from midnight to dawn.


Angel Raphael

The square shape of the painting
and the dominant green color
of its central image
its essential form - the Element of Earth.
The image is the visage of
the Man in the Divine Chariot,
which is associated with
Raphael, the Angel of Healing.
Hence from the "eyes" of the visage
project beams of light to heal the world.
Raphael is in charge of the hours
from evening to midnight,
suggested by the black background.

oil / airbrush on canvass
mounted on revolving square base
37" x 37" (93 x 93 cm)

All of the above works were originally designed
to be viewed as anaglyphic art
which is the unique method of Yael Avi-Yonah.
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