The Four Worlds:
Emanation, Creation, Formation and Action

The World of Emanation - Azilut - אצילות

The five parzufim or spiritual faces of the Kabbalah
can be discerned in this work.

Erich Anpin is represented by a large brick.
Zeir Anpin and Keter (Crown)

are symbolized by clusters of Hebrew letters.
The upside down image of Nukva

correlates to the two brains
of Abba and Imma within Zeir Anpin.
When the disk
is turned around vigorously
the figures turn to a mysterious white.

Oil and tempera on canvas
39 1/2" x 39 1/2" (100 x 100 cm)

The World of Creation - Breeya - בריאה


In this painting one can discern a large skull
in the center whose bone structure
reveal visages from the Throne of Glory.
On each side is a cherub with the face
of  a young boy and girl child,
who protect and shield the world
from the intense light of the Throne of Glory.
Their wings are in the forms
of delicate feminine hands,
representing the Shechina, the Divine Presence.
Piercing through the Throne
is a beam of white light
from the higher worlds
containing the orbs of the sephirot
or channels of spiritual influx.
At the bottom of the Throne is a representation
of rivers of cold fire,
while the top is surrounded by stars.
The vision of the skull
represents the supernal brain,
as described by the prophets Ezekial and Daniel,
through which knowledge
of the world and God is possible.
Since everything supernal
has its correspondence
in the structure and form of the human body,
this "brain" is also within us.






The World of Formation (Angels) - Yetzira - יצירה


The horizontal strips of stars
divide the painting into four parts.

The seven eyes in the lower half
represent the seven angels who observe

the deeds of man.
A beam of light divides the painting
vertically into two sections

as its passes through the ten echelons
of Adam Kadmon, the Primordial Man.

Each echelon has its symbolic meaning
and special group of angels. The upper part

of the painting contains the three highest
Echelons (Bina, Hachma and Keter)

which are mentalities
and as such have no explicit forms.
Between them is
the Seat of God,
whose center is a stone upon
which is written four times

the Hebrew letter Yod.
To the right and the left
are the two cherubs

with the face of a baby boy and girl.
Above them are two archangels.



Triptych: the World of Formation (Angels) - Yetzira

formation trytich

Three paintings of the World of Angels joined together,
each in a different style –
abstract(left), figurative (center) and caligraphic(right).
The most important of the three is the abstract
which best represents the spiritual energies and light of this realm.

    oil & tempera on canvas


The World of Action - Asiya - עשיה


There are thirteen concentric rings
extending from the center of the painting.

A beam of light from the outer ring
penetrates these rings until reaching
the central core where it becomes transformed
into an umbilical cord attached
to a female fetus in negative composed of stars.
Surrounding this central core which
represents the Element of Earth
are the rings of the Elements of Water, Air and Fire.
Around the Four Elements are the Seven Heavens
which are the abodes of the Seven Planets,
which are in turn surrounded
by the constellations of the Zodiac.
The outer circle, notched with exactly one hundred windows,
is the Transcendental Diurnal ring,
which turns all the other rings.
The hundred windows are divided
into four sections and in each section
the colors gradually change from red to green.

All of the above works were originally designed
to be viewed as anaglyphic art
which is the unique method of Yael Avi-Yonah.
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Many of the above paintings
are available as serigraphs and posters,
as well as other versions in different sizes and color schemes.

The manager of Yael's estate is interested
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who would be willing and able
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