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The Face of the Generation is the Face of a Dog


airbrushed acrylics on canvas
26" x 62" (66 x 158 cm)

פני הדור כפני הכלב
A description from the Talmud about the (our) period
preceeding the Advent of Moshiach (the Messiah).
The "Face" of the Generation" refers to the leaders
who will have the "Face of a Dog"
with all the dissonant connotations this implies.

Gush Katif: The Betrayal


acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

Pray for the authority of the government,
because if there were no fear from it,
each person would swallow his friend alive.
(Ethics of the Fathers 3:2)

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Eyes and Lies
Being Watched

acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

Relating to the duplicity and perfidy
of political leaders in general.
If you can discern the gestalt
of someone known and famous,
it is probably an accident
or perhaps a prophecy,
certainly not contrived.

The Mystery of Conception

acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

The physical act of "conception"
in holiness is a very high
spiritual dimension and ultimately
beyond what we can possibly conceive.

The Descent into Duma
(The Silence of the Grave)


acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

From the phrase in Psalms 115:17 -
"The dead can not praise You nor can those who
descend into Duma (the Silence of the Grave)".
The Grave is likened in Jewish thought
to the uterus of the woman.
In the process of procreation the man "dies"
but his seed after nine months
is resurrected with the birth of a child
and a new generation.

Portal to Infinity

acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

We are sometimes given the chance
to enter a portal leading to
expansive conciousness,
if the "guardians" at the entrance
(our self -preserving ego)
will only let us pass

  Don't Fear the Dread of the Night

acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

From the phrase in Psalms 91:5.
לא תירא מפחד לילה
Inspired by the IDF invasion of Gaza,
the eerie colors of night-time photography
and the camouflaged faces of the soldiers.

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