Dov Lederberg

3-D Art Inspired by Mystic Kabbalah Teachings

11 Alkabetz

(next to the Kossov Synagogue

and before the Alley of the Galleries)

The Old Jewish Quarter, Tzfat (Safed)

You may want to consider
my home and artist's studio

as a unique place to visit
within the context of a tour
in the Old Jewish
Quarter of Tzfat
and I can promise an exciting experience.

The studio has an easy access from the street
(six steps to the entrance to the ground floor
and main exhibition space)
and is part of the original Jewish Quarter in Tzfat.

  This historic house was first built
and occupied in 1860
by the family of the mother of Dov
(the Goldenbaums)

a distinguished family of rabbis and rebbes,
directly descended from the Magid of Mezerich.

See the link below for photos of the studio/gallery


Many of the unique paintings of
Dov and his deceased wife, Yael Avi-Yonah OBM,

  are on display in the studio and
can be reviewed by browsing their extensive site

Art Kabbalah Mystics

  The works are in a great variety of styles
from traditional views of Jerusalem
to cutting edge abstract illusionist works

at very reasonable prices.

Their paintings also make auxiliary
use of interactive devices

such anaglyphic (3-D) glasses
and kinetic and op art effects

which are very engaging and great fun.

Dov can also present short talks
See this link for possible Lectures and Talks

Short TV interviews with Dov on YouTube:

Please call to make an appointment
telephone in Israel:
mobile: 052-662-7620
USA telephone: 1-720-477-6433
Canada telephone: 1-438-792-0806

Mailing address: POB 25 Safed Israel 1310001



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