A selection of my few paintings that attempt
to deal with the theme of the Holocaust

and even contemporary anti-Semitism,
but within positive context of Divine Providence

 Abraham's Prophecy

Abraham's Vision

The Patriarch Abraham was ordered to pass
through a set of animal carcasses

(Genesis 15: 7-15) to receive the frightening
prophesy of the Exile, not only to Egypt,
but to all the exiles (including the Holocaust)
that his descendants would suffer.
acrylics on canvas
40" x 50" (102 x 127 cm)

Meditation on Jewish Stars

Jewish stars in Auswitz

Suggestions of the barbed wire
of Auschwitz
being transformed
into Jewish stars

and a hope for the future.

acrylics on canvas
24" x 37" (61 x 94 cm)

museum of tolerance

Special exhibition of above paintings
on Holocaust Day

at the Museum of Tolerance
in Los Angeles.

Viewing the works
are the artist Dov Lederberg

and Mrs. Liebe Geft,
Director of  the Museum.

Terrorist - Surprise!

The surprised face of a terrorist
who has just blown himself up
(and others as well)

and instead of entering
a paradise with 72 virgins

finds himself burning in hell.
 Perhaps my most macabre work
and one of my rare political statements
catalyzed by
the impossible & grim state

of affairs in Israel & the world today
and the possibility of a new Holocaust.

acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)


Serious collectors interested
in the original paintings should contact:

107 Alorzorov Street
Tzfat (Safed) Israel 1322480
Telephone in Israel:
  mobile: 052-662-7620

Email address: dovlederberg@gmail.com

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