Visions of the Holy Temple

From a series of paintings
inspired by ideas and meditations
on the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.

The Haichal (Sancturary) - Inner and Outer Space

inner/outer space

The tallest building in the Temple,
the Holy of Holies or the Inner Sanctuary -
suggested by the translucent schematic lines -
correlates to the head or mind and engenders
the mystical experience of being
within the dimensions
of time and space
and beyond them simultaneously.
As our sages have noted:
"The Holy Ark took up no space" (Tractate Yoma 21a).
The chamber of the Holy of Holies
measured 20 x 20 cubits.
The Ark, which measured 2.5 x 1.5 cubits,
was placed in the center.
Yet, the measurement from one wall
of the Holy of Holies to the Ark was 10 cubits
as was the corresponding distance
from the other side of the wall to the Ark.

mixed materials on canvas
30" x 40" (76 x 102 cm)

The Altar - Sublimation of the Animal Energies


The Altar in the Temple
(suggested by the black schematic lines

of a "overhead" view)
symbolizes the service of the heart
or prayer
whose fires have the power of kindling
the sacrifice of our "animal" soul
and nature,
sublimating its vast energies
to help us reach spiritual heights

mixed materials on canvas

30" x 40" (76 x 102 cm)

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