Passover Meditations - Voyage into Matza Interior


An extended comparison of
the "round" hand-kneaded matza and the full moon.

Extreme close-ups of the matza texture
turn into a remarkable "lunar"
and even otherworldly landscape
replete with crevices and craggy mountains.
The micro becomes the macro and vice versa.
With a modern music (electronic & flute) track,
which gives it a special ambiance.
It even has the sound effect of the artist
munching noisily on a matza.

Some low definition samples from the composition
(with a sound track) are available on YouTube:

1. Part One:

2. Part Two:

3. Part Three:

A deeper intention is implied when we reflect
that we are essentially a "moon" people
and almost all of our major holidays,
such as Pesach and Succot,
are connected with the appearance of the full moon.

The moon with its cyclic fluctuations of size and light
represents the feminine aspect of the Deity,
the Shechina,or what is called by the Kabbalah,
the Or Chozar, the Reflecting Light.
This state, the realization that one is not
the Source of Light,but merely its receiver,
is conducive to an inherent humbleness
and the creation of a proper vessel for spiritual influx.

The same effect is achieved hopefully
when we eat on Pesach
the matza, the "humble bread",
which is completely flat and without
the "yeasty" and puffed up pretensions of ego.

The seder ceremony
according to the mystics
is actually applied Kabbalah,
reenacting the formation of the worlds
and its tikun, or rectification.

All of the curious customs and rituals in the seder
have the deepest mystical significance.
One of them, Yachatz,
the breaking up of the matza into four or five parts,
represents the Shevirat Hakalim,
the Shattering of the Primordial Vessels,
which were too fragile to contain
the powerful lights of Tohu, or Chaos.
The rectification occurs
almost at the end of the seder
during Tzafon and the eating of the afikoman.
This process can be seen as a paradigm
for all spiritual and intellectual growth,
the necessity to break up old forms and habits
in order to create something new and higher.

In the video this idea is "illustrated"
by the deliberate breaking up
of the screen image almost to the point
where one thinks
that something is going "wrong"
with the video machine or oneself.


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