Kosher Sex

Judaism does not view
sexual relations
in the proper context
as something dirty or sinful,
but as an experience
with the potential
for expanded consciousness
and even the possibility
for mystical revelation.
This is implied in the
midrashic interpretation
of the Song of Songs
and throughout the Zohar,
which likens the relation
of G-d to his faithful
to that of groom and bride,
a man and his wife.
There is a problem for me
as an observant
(and possibly observing) Jew
 to visualize this metaphor on canvas
but I am helped by the possibilities
of abstract and gestalt art
which can elevate the so-called
"animal act" into something
more sublime
and even transcendental.
Dealing with this attempt is
a selection from
my various paintings
on this web site,
especially from the Dialogue series,
the Congealings series ,
the Triptych series
and the Songs series
which can be surfed
by those who would
like to see additional examples.


The Letter CHET represents
the marriage aמd union
of the different Masculine
and Feminine Energies,
 represented by the
letter VAV ו on the right
and the letter ZION ז on the left.
They are connected
by a "bridge", ma'avarta,
which in holy marriage,
is symbolized
by the chupa חופה,
the encompassing spiritual light.

Dialogue #17 - Harmony

  acrylics on canvas

40" x 40"  (102 x 102 cm)

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Dialogue #22 - See-Saw


  acrylics on canvas

40" x 40"  (102 x 102 cm)


Dialogue #27 - Marriage

  acrylics on canvas
37" x 37"  (94 x 94 cm)

Dialogue #33 - The Shechina

acrylics on canvas

37" x 37"  (94 x 94 cm)

The three partners in a marriage:
the man, his wife and the Shechina
(the indwelling of the divine spirit)


Dialogue #35 - Love in Outer Space
Outer Space

  acrylics on canvas

33" x 33"  (84 x 84 cm)

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The Kiss

acrylics & mixed materials on canvas
23" x 17" (59 x 44 cm)

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The Mystery of Conception (A Visual Amulet for Fertility)

acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

The physical act of "conception" in holiness is a very high
spiritual dimension and ultimately
beyond what we can possibly conceive.


Image size 18" x 12 1/2" (46 x 32 cm)  Signed by the artist.

Put it in your bedroom and nine months later:
Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov!

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Portal to Infinity

acrylics on canvas
26" x 62"  (66 x 158 cm)

We are sometimes given the chance
to enter a portal leading to
expansive conciousness,
if the "guardians" at the entrance
(our self -preserving ego)
will only let us pass

Transcendental Aura
acrylics on canvas
30" x 40"  (76 x 101 cm)

Conceiving the Universe

acrylics on canvas
30" x 30"  (76 x 76 cm)

Looking at painting with anaglyphic glasses
reveals its masculine/feminine components


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Masculine and Feminine Waters


acrylics on canvas
20" x 20" (51x51 cm)

The triangular form or vector pointing upward
is called by the Kabbalah - 
the "feminine waters", מיין נוקבין
the movement or aspiration from below
    to reach a spiritual height, such as in prayer.

Turning the painting upside down


   transforms it to be
the "masculine waters"  מיין דוכרין
  the vector of bringing spiritual energy
 into the "vessels" of the mundane world.


A deeper explanation of above may be
found within
Iggeret HaKodesh Epistle 28 of the Tanya

The Mystery of the Signet Ring


mixed materials on canvas
mounted on four movable boards.

Each quarter section: 20" x 20" (50 x 50 cm)

An important idea from the Kabbalah is

based on the mystery of the signet ring
mentioned in the Song of Songs,
whose protruded or recessed image creates
an "opposite" impression on the sealing wax.
This describes the relationship of the "razu v'shuv",
the running and the return, a mystic paradigm
for all social and spiritual relationships.

Songs # 2


acrylics on canvas
36" x 28" (92 x 71 cm)

The yearning of two souls to finally unite
and fly to the heights
and beyond the obstacles
in the material reality that deter.

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Songs # 8


acrylics on canvas
  24" x 18" (61 x 46 cm)

Songs # 10


acrylics on canvas
  18" x 24" (46 x 61 cm)

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