The Black Hole

The Cosmic Man or What Moses Saw

The Cosmic Man

oil on canvas 25 x 35 inches

An interpretation of the highest prophetic vision of Moses,

where he "saw" the dalet shaped knot of G-d's tefillin,

which encircles the cosmic man image.

Within the visage is a simulation of our galaxy with a "black hole" in the middle,

according to the phrase of the Psalms (18:12): "The Darkness carries his secret".

Genesis: In the Beginning


oil on canvas 36 x 48 inches

Many mysteries of Creation are concerned with

circumscribing the masculine square with a feminine circle.

The Open and Closed Eye of G-d

38 x 50 inches

The Eye of G-d

oil on canvas 38 x 50 inches

A vision of the global skeleton connecting

the luz (or atlas) bone and spine

ith the source of fertility and reproduction.

The Resurrection or the Luz bone

The Resurrection

oil on canvas 38 x 50 inches

The Resurrection will begin according to the Kabbalah

from the luz (or atlas) bone, which will come alive by the supernal Dew.

Again the black hole appears in the center to suggest the profound mysteries.

The Descent of the Cube

new city 3

mixed media on canvas
24" x 31 1/2" (61 x 80 cm)

Many of the above paintings are available as serigraphs and posters,
as well as other versions in different sizes and color schemes.
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